Womens Self Defense - Because we know martial arts cannot be taught and learned in a day, We have designed this course to empower and teach women easy and effective ways to defend themselves.

CCW Class - This class meets the requirement for the State of Florida Concealed Weapons Class. We teach Florida Law, Concealed Considerations, Use of Force and Firearms Amiliarization. In Home or In Class instruction available

Basic Obedience - This class is for dog owners of all sorts. We teach you and you friend how to have a better realtionship by giving them the gift of obedience. Its not just the dog that needs information, its the whole team.

Classes Currently Offered for civilians

Upcoming Scheduled Classes

Dec 2017       Jacksonville, Fl          Class G and Requals                     Seats Avail: 15

Jan 2018       Jacksonville, Fl          Firearms Safety(CCW)                Seats Avail: 15

Jan 2018       Jacksonville, Fl          Women’s Self Defense                 Seats Avail: 20

Private Firearms Training at range available for $60/hr with an instructor

Dog Obedience classes are each Sat at 1100

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Project Sheepdog - This program is designed for schools wanting their employees to have the knowledge of what to do and expect during these types of traumatic events. Knowledge is part of safety. Click for details

Corporate Active Shooter - This class is meant for corporations who want their employees to know exactly what to do and what to expect during an active shooter event. Please call for a quote based on number of employees

Custom Classes - Have a class you are interested in having taught? We can develop a training program or lesson plan tailored for you and be ready to teach it in no time.

Civilian Education

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